• Dirty December Poker Fun Run

    Next race date: December 16th, 2017

    Registration now open!!

    The 2016/2017 race is complete. Congrats to all finishers!

    2016 10K Race Results

    1st Male: Bradley Sonnenburg 44:44 (48:38 before poker)
    1st Female: Rachel Jordan 1:06:57 (1:09:02 before poker)
    Mary Dreusike had the fastest non-modified female time of 1:02:53 but it was adjusted to 1:09:10 after poker.

    2016 Half Marathon Race Results

    1st Male: Sean Haggerty 1:55:45 (1:59:20 before poker)
    1st Female: Julie Zahurak 2:08:45 (2:12:44 before poker)

    This race is located at Sycamore Canyon Preserve in San Diego, CA

    How does the poker run work??

    Essentially, you may get bonus time based on your poker hand. See the race details page for more information.


  • Race Details

    Date: December 16th, 2017
    Time: 9:00AM (both races)

    Elevation Gain 10k: Approx 1,000'
    Elevation Gain Half: Approx 2,300'

    Cutoff times (Half Marathon):
    12:30PM @ Finish (3.5 hours total)

    Sunrise: 6:46am
    Average Temps: 66/46

    Registration rates are as follows (10k/Half):
    Mar 1 - Apr 15: $40/$60
    Apr 16 - Nov 15: $50/$70
    Nov 16th - Race Day: $60/$90 Late Reg
    (no online Registration after Dec 13th, 2017)

    2017 Prizes:
    1st Male & Female overall (each distance): Free race in 2018
    All entrants receive a tech shirt
    All finishers receive a finishers medal
    Special prize will be awarded for best costume

    Refunds for personal reasons must be requested AT LEAST by Nov 15th, 2017. Refunds for personal reasons are ONLY made via PayPal minus a 10% processing fee.
    In the event the race is cancelled by an act of God/Nature or per the race directors discretion, the following guidelines apply depending on the date of cancellation:

    Nov 15th - Race Day, 2017= 0$ refund
    Oct 15th, - Nov 14th, 2017 = 50% refund
    Now - Oct 14th, 2017 = 100% refund


    • Runners in each race will play 5 card poker
    • 10k runners will get 2 cards when they start, 1 each time they pass the Martha's Grove aid station (2 total), and one card when they finish (5 total)
    • Half Marathon runners will get o cards when they start, 1 each time they pass the Martha's Grove aid station (4 total), and one card when the finish (5 total)
    • Runners wearing a costume will get ONE bonus card at the end of the race (6 total - use 5 best cards for their hand)
    • Final hands will give runners bonus (or penalty times) as follows:
      • High card only (with no face cards): +10% to finishing time
      • One Pair: -3% to finishing time
      • Two Pair: -8% to finishing tim
      • Three of a kind: -12% to finishing time
      • Straight: -15% to finishing time
      • Flush: -18% to finishing time
      • Full House: -21% to finishing time
      • Four of a Kind: -25% to finishing time
      • Straight Flush: -30% to finishing time
      • Royal Flush: -33% to finishing time
    • All bonus times will be rounded (up or down) if they don't end in 0 or .5

    Example 1:  Runner finishes in 1:30 minutes (90 minutes) with a Straight.  90*.15 = 13.5 bonus minutes.  Adjusted finishing time = 90 minutes - 13.5 = 76:30 (1:16:30)
    Example 2: Runner finishes in 55 minutes with two pair.  55*.08 = 4.4 bonus minutes.  Adjusted finishing time = 55 minutes - 4 (rounded down) = 51 minutes


    Race Rules:
    1. Have fun!
    2. Be Safe. There are many hazards along the course including (but not limited to), mountain lions, rough terrain, rattle snakes, sharp cliffs and drop offs, etc. It is your responsibility to run safe and stay alert.
    3. Except in case of medical emergency, runners may accept no aid nor assistance in any form from anyone between aid stations.
    4. Each runner must carry all of his own food, fluids, clothing, and other supplies needed for use between aid stations and must carry one water bottle.
    5. Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited. Littering will result in the immediate disqualification of the runner in this year's race, and for all future races.
    6. Participants must follow the marked trail at all times. Any runner departing from the official trail must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing.
    7. Each runner must be checked IN at EVERY aid station. Runners not checked at each aid station may not be credited with officially finishing the Run.
    8. Any entrant who is unable to finish the Race must personally inform personal at the nearest aid station of his or her decision to withdraw. You MUST turn in your race bib at this time. Runners who leave the course without turning in their bibs will be classified as "lost," and may be billed for charges incurred in any search and
    rescue operation.
    9. Headphones are not recommended or encouraged. Use at your own risk.

  • Course Info

    Half Marathon Course

    The Half Marathon course consists of two clockwise loops. See maps below for details.

    Aid Stations:
    2km (1.2Mi), 8.5km (5.4Mi), 10.5km (6.6Mi), 12.5km (7.2Mi), 19km (11.4Mi), 22km (13.2Mi)

    Loop Map (repeat twice)

    Half Marathon Loop Elevation Profile


    10k Course

    Aid Stations:
    2km (1.2Mi), 8km (4.9Mi), 10km (6.2Mi)

    Course Map