• Twin Peaks

    Next race is scheduled for October 14th, 2017! (Registration Open Jan 1st)

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    Congratulations to all 2016 finishers. Results summary below:
    Top 3 Men 50M:
    Nickademus Hollon, 8:56:27*
    Mario Martinez, 9:00:52
    Ron Gutierrez, 9:55:26
    Top 3 Men 50k:
    Sam Bosworth, 5:43:41
    Rocco Addante, 6:11:31
    Angel Varela, 6:51:43
    Top 3 Women 50M:
    Jade Belzberg, 10:32:34*
    Elizabeth Tenuto, 11:26:07
    Ruth McCoy, 13:27:18
    Top 3 Women 50k:
    Deanna Flores, 7:14:37
    Cherry Hui Cheng, 7:30:01
    Alejandra Leon, 8:15:57
    Top 3 Men 30K:
    Graham Lambert, 2:46:56*
    Robert Whited, 2:47:24
    Roberto Ramirez, 3:25:13
    Top 3 Women 30k:
    Lori Hansen, 3:36:34*
    Kathleen Bawn, 4:04:28
    Melody Cottrell, 4:45:31
    *course record
    Full results with splits here

    Photo by Greg Hardesty (Twin Peaks 2014)

    Photo by Howie Stern (Twin Peaks 2015)

    Photo by PAKSIT (Twin Peaks 2016)

    At 15,000'+ of elevation gain (all over the first 42 miles), Twin Peaks has more elevation gain* than any other North American 50 mile race and is arguably the toughest 50 miler in the US (or at least top 3!). This race is tough as you can find out by asking anybody who has ran it before. It is not for the squeamish. That being said, it IS a fantastic race with great support and a beautiful course. If you are looking for a fun, challenging and beautiful ultra, then Twin Peaks is for you.

    *(this claim is an estimate and has not been scientifically proven! :)

  • Race Details

    Date: October 14, 2017
    Time: 500AM (early start), 600AM (50M), 700AM (50K), 800AM (30K)
    Elevation Gain: 50M - 15,000' / 50K - 9,000' / 30K - 5,000'
    Cutoff times: Must finish by 9:45PM (see course info for more details)
    (Early Start for 50M (slow) runners only!)

    2017 Rates are as follows (50M/50K/30K):

    Jan 1 - Feb 15 - $95/$85/$60 (early bird)
    Feb 15 - Sep 14: $105/$95/$70
    Sept 15 - Oct 12: $120/$110/$80 Late Reg
    (no Registration after October 12th, 2017)

    *You MUST have completed a trail ultra with 5000'+ Gain to enter the 50 Mile race.
    Contact the RD for possible exceptions. This is one tough course!

    Refunds: Refunds for personal reasons must be requested AT LEAST by SEPTEMBER 1st. Refunds for personal reasons are ONLY made via PayPal minus a 10% processing fee. In the event the race is cancelled by an act of God/Nature or per the race directors discretion, the following guidelines apply depending on the date of cancellation:

    Oct 2nd, 2017 - Race Day = 25% refund
    Aug 15th - Oct 1st, 2017 = 50% refund
    Jan 1st - Aug 14th, 2017 = 100% refund

    Twin Peaks covers very rough terrain in remote locations that are not easily accessible and can have extreme weather conditions from time to time. We will provide essentials such as water, electrolytes, soda, salty and sugary snacks and at least one hot food aid station (and hot food at the finish line). Twin Peaks is still one of the lowest cost ultras in SoCal. We provide safety, fun, and a beautiful and challenging course you are sure to not forget. No frills but ALL the fun!

    Sunrise: 6:59am
    Sunset: 6:11pm

    Average Temps: 81/54


    All entrants will receive a long sleeve tech shirt. Finishers will receive a finishers award. Cash prizes are available!

    50M 1st Male & Female overall: $250 cash + Bistro Coffee Mug + Free Race in 2016!
    50M 2nd Male & Female overall: $100 cash!
    50M 3rd Male & Female overall: $50 cash!
    50M Course Record Bonus (Male & Female): $100 cash!
    (Early starters are not eligible for the cash awards but can win age group awards)

    50M Bistro Mug Awards for 1st Male & Female each age group (20s and under, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70+)

    50K 1st Male & Female overall: Bistro Coffee Mug (must be registered for the 50K, no 50M drop downs)

    30K 1st Male & Female overall: Bistro Coffee Mug

    Drop Bags:

    Drop bags will be located at Santiago Peak (miles 22 & 42). Please have your drop bags to the start on time and label them with your name, bib#, & race distance.

    Race Rules:

    1. Have fun!
    2. Be Safe. There are many hazards along the course including (but not limited to), mountain lions, rough terrain, rattle snakes, sharp cliffs and drop offs, etc. It is your responsibility to run safe and stay alert.
    3. Except in case of medical emergency, runners may accept no aid nor assistance in any form from anyone, including pacers and crews, between aid stations.
    4. Each runner must carry all of his own food, fluids, clothing, and other supplies needed for use between aid stations and must carry a minimum of 40oz of water.
    5. Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited. Littering will result in the immediate disqualification of the runner in this year's race, and for all future races.
    6. Runners are responsible for the actions of their crews and pacers.
    7. Participants must follow the marked trail at all times. Any runner departing from the official trail must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing.
    8. Each runner must be checked IN at EVERY aid station. Runners not checked at each aid station may not be credited with officially finishing the Run.
    9. Lights are REQUIRED for running after dark. For safety reason, you may not be allowed to finish without a light after 5:00PM.
    10. Any entrant who is unable to finish the Race must inform personnel at the nearest aid station of his or her decision to withdraw. You MUST turn in your race bib at this time. Runners who leave the course without turning in their bibs will be classified as "lost," and may be billed for charges incurred in any serach and rescue operation.
    11. Pacers are allowed in the 50 mile Race. Pacers should be experienced trail runners in excellent physical shape and conditioned adequately to run approximately 20+ miles over rough terrain. Pacers will pick up runners at mile 34 (or mile 30 if they provide their own transportation). Transportation will be provided to pacers from the starting line if it is needed and reserved in advance.
    12. Headphones are not recommended or encouraged. Use at your own risk.

  • Course Info

    Note: There is a 50K option (either via registration or dropping down during the race). If you drop to the 50K during the race or choose to run the 50K in general, you still still get credited with a 50K finish and will receive a medal and place - but no other awards. You may NOT drop down to the 30K during the race.

    The 50K course follows the 50M course until mile 25 then turns left to head back to the start/finish.

    50 mile / 50 Km Description:

    Miles 0-9 (You call this a hill?)
    The race starts at an elevation of 1,200' (race low point & runner high point!) with about a 6.5 mile climb up Indian Truck Trail. A full aid station awaits at the top (3,800' Mile 6.5). After a VERY short "flat-like" section, runners climb up Main Divide and pass by Trabuco Peak (4,613').

    Miles 9-15 (Feeling Groovy)
    Runners continue on Main Divide and go downhill for a "few" miles. At mile 10.5 you will pass the West Horsethief Aid Station (4,100') and turn right going down the steep but runable trail. After 1 mile you will stay right to get on Trabuco Trail which will eventually lead you past some cabins and into the Holy Jim (1,700' Mile 14.5) Aid Station. Fill up at the full aid station and head up Holy Jim Trail past some more cabins. In about 1 mile you will see a signpost that says "Main Divide Road". Follow this sign and turn left (unless you want a detour to the falls).

    Miles 15-22 (Thought Shall Probably Take the RD's Name in Vain)
    The climb up Holy Jim Trail will present you with beautiful views of the surrounding canyons and peaks. This may or may not take your mind off the relentless but runable (for some) climb filled with numerous switchbacks. You will eventually come out on Main Divide Trail and the Water-Only (and unstaffed) Bear Springs Aid Station (4,000' Mile 19.0). You will turn left on Main Divide Road and make your way up to the Santiago Peak full Aid Station (5,687') which is the high point of the race. Turn around here and run back down.

    Miles 22-30 (What goes up, must come down)
    About 1.5 miles down from the summit, you need to turn left down the Upper Holy Jim singletrack (don't miss it!). This scenic 1.5 mile section will drop you out onto Main Divide Road at the radio-only Upper Holy Jim Aid Station (4,000' Mile 25.0). From here you will turn right onto Main Divide Road (or turn left if you are dropping to the 50K). Continuing to the right assures that you will either finish the 50 Mile distance or get a DNF. In just a half mile you will take a left turn at the Bear Springs Water Aid Station and go back down the Holy Jim Singletrack. At mile 29 you will stay right and NOT go to the Falls. Mile 30 will find you back at the full Holy Jim Aid Station (1,700').

    Miles 30-42 (The True Test)
    The substantial Twin Peaks elevation gain takes place almost entirely in the first 42 miles. If you haven't yet taken the RD's name in vain - you probably will sometime in this section. Miles 30-33 are very runnable. At mile 33 you will need to turn left and go up the West Horsethief Trail. You will climb up to the West Horsethief Aid Station (4,100' Mile 34). From here you will turn left on Main Divide Road, go UP and past Trabuco Peak again (enjoy the descent on the other side!) and reach the Indian Truck Trail (3,800') Full Aid Station at mile 38. You will continue on Main Divide Road, past the Radio-Only aid station at the bottom of Upper Holy Jim and past the water-only aid station of Bear Springs (4,000) at mile 39.5. Continuing on Main Divide Road, you will reach the summit of Santiago Peak (5,687' Mile 42) for a second time. You will turn around here and run back down.

    Miles 42-52.5 (You've Made it this Far)
    If you have made it this far, the race is in the bag. Many of you will be desending into the darkness and if you are lucky will see a gorgeous sunset from the summit. About 1.5 miles down from the summit, you need to turn left down the Upper Holy Jim singletrack. This (might be less fun & less scenic in the dark!) 1.5 mile section will drop you out onto Main Divide Road at the radio-only Upper Holy Jim Aid Station (4,000' Mile 45.0). This time you wil turn left at Main Divide Road and make your way back to the Indian Truck Trail (3,800') Full Aid Station at mile 46. You will turn left down Indian Truck Trail and 6.5 miles of desecnt later - you will have compelted Twin Peaks!

    30 Km Description:

    Miles 0-8.5 (You call this a hill?)
    The race starts at an elevation of 1,200' (race low point & runner high point!) with about a 6.5 mile climb up Indian Truck Trail. A full aid station awaits at the top (3,800' Mile 6.5). The course stays "relatively" flat for the next two miles until you reach Bear Springs.

    Miles 8.5-10 (Going Up!)
    Runners continue on Main Divide and climb up until you reach the Upper Holy Jim turn off. You will turn right here and go down the single track.

    Miles 10-18.6 (Downhill from here)
    After running down the gnarly (but fun and scenic) Upper Holy Jim Trail, you will turn left at the bottom. This section is relatively flat for about a mile until you reach the Indian Truck Trail aid station. You turn left left here and "sail" down the remaining 6.5 miles to the finish!

    Course Maps & Profiles

    50Mile (52.5 miles & 15,000'-17,000' Estimated Gain)


    30K Map:

    30K Profile:

  • Aid Station Master List

    # 50M 50K 30K Elevation Radio Aid Crew Open Close Cutoff
    Start 1 0 0 0 1200' Yes Full Yes 4:30AM
    IndianTT1 2 6.5 6.5 6.5 3800' Yes Full No 6:00AM
    Horsethief1 3 10.5 10.5 4100' No Full No 7:00AM
    HolyJim1 4 14.5 14.5 1700' Yes Full Yes 8:00AM
    BearSprings1 5 19 19 8.5 4000' No Water No -
    Santiago1 6 22 22 5687' Yes Full No 9:00AM
    UpperHJBase1 7 25 25 7.5 4000' Yes No No - 1:45PM
    BearSprings2 8 25.5 4000' No Water No -
    HolyJim2 9 30 1700' Yes Full Yes - 3:00PM
    Horsethief2 10 34 4100' No Full No - 4:15PM 4:30PM
    IndianTT2 11 38 3800' Yes Full No -
    UpperHJBase2 12 39 4000' Yes No No -
    BearSprings3 13 39.5 4000' No Water No -
    Santiago2 14 42 5687' Yes Full No - 7:00PM 7:00PM
    UpperHJBase3 15 45 11.1 4000' Yes No No -
    IndianTT3 16 46 26 12.1 3800' Yes Full No - 8:15PM 8:15PM
    Finish 17 52.5 26.5 18.6 1200' Yes Full Yes 9:45PM 9:45PM
    Note: You MUST reach mile 25 by 1:45PM or you will be forced to drop to the 50K. Pace to reach mile 25 is about 21 min/mile for early starters and 19 min/mile for late starters. This cutoff is VERY strictly enforced!