• OC Dirty Trail Fest

    Duathlon | 15K Run | 15K Bike

    Next Date: April 22nd, 2017

    Registration now open!

    2016 Race Results with split times

    1st Male: Robert Jackson 2:00:16
    1st Female: Kristiina Beary 2:05:36 (Course Record!)
    1st Relay Team: Sheriff Raul 2:34:55

    Welcome to the OC Dirty Trail Fest!

    The Duathlon race consists of a 5k trail run - 15k mountain bike - 5k trail run.
    Come out and join us for a fun day on the trails!
    THIS YEAR we have aded a 15K trail run & 15K mountain bike race in addtion to the Duathlon!

  • Race Details (3 different races!)

    Duathlon: 5K Run - 15K Bike - 5K Run (Individual or team of Two)
    Run: 15k Trail Run
    Bike: 15K Mountain Bike

    Date: April 22nd 2017
    Start Times:
    15K Run - 8:00AM
    Duathlon - 9:00AM
    15K Bike - 9:30AM

    Checkin Opens: 700AM
    Elevation Gain (Duathlon): 1,600' (Run Total), 1,900' (Bike Total)
    Elevation Gain (15k Bike & 15k Run): 1,900'
    Cutoff times: Must finish by 1:30PM

    2017 Rates are as follows (Duathlon):

    Now - Oct 31, 2016: $60 ($105 per team) (early bird)
    Nov 1 - Mar 20, 2017: $75 ($120 per team)
    Mar 21 - Race Day, 2017: $90 ($135 per team) Late Reg

    2017 Rates are as follows (Bike/Run):

    Now - Oct 31, 2016: $50 (early bird)
    Nov 1 - Mar 20, 2017: $60
    Mar 21 - Race Day, 2017: $70 (Late Reg)

    Refunds: Refunds for personal reasons must be requested AT LEAST by Mar 21. Refunds for personal reasons are ONLY made via PayPal minus a 10% processing fee.

    In the event the race is cancelled by an act of God/Nature or per the race directors discretion, the following guidelines apply depending on the date of cancellation:

    Mar 21, 2017 - Race Day = 25% refund (via Paypal only)
    Feb 15 - Mar 20, 2017 = 50% refund
    Now - Feb 14, 2017 = 100% refund

    The OC Dirty Trail Fest consits of mostly fireroad and some single track trail. There are a few sections of pavement. The bike portion is hilly but not overly technical, making this race a great option for new duathletes. However, the hills and terrain will also provide a challenge for even experienced duathletes. We provide safety, fun, and a beautiful and challenging course you are sure to not forget!

    Average Temps: 72/50

    First overall male and female in each event will receive a prize +
    Overall Male & Female in each event (Free entry in 2018)
    Age Groups (NO Age Group awards in 2017)

    Race Rules:

    1. Have fun!
    2. Be Safe. There are many hazards along the course including (but not limited to), mountain lions, rough terrain, rattle snakes, sharp cliffs and drop offs, etc. It is your responsibility to run/ride safe and stay alert.
    3. Except in case of medical emergency, participants may accept no aid nor assistance in any form from anyone, including pacers and crews, between aid stations.
    4. Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited. Littering will result in the immediate disqualification in this year's race, and for all future races.
    5. Participants must follow the marked trail at all times. Any participant departing from the official trail must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing.
    6. Any entrant who is unable to finish the Race must personally inform personal at the nearest aid station of his or her decision to withdraw. You MUST turn in your race bib at this time. Runners who leave the course without turning in their bibs will be classified as "lost," and may be billed for charges incurred in any search and rescue operation.
    7. Headphones are not allowed for the safety of all participants.
    8. Bibs MUST be visible on the front of the athlete & on the bike.
    9. Athletes must aslo mark arm and leg with their bib#.
    10. Helmets w/Straps are required.
    11. Slow riders/runners should stay to the right and allow faster athletes to pass.
    12. Runners should yield to cyclists on the short sections where both share the course.
    13. Photo ID is required for Bib pickup
    14. Mountain bike is required (road bikes not allowed on course.
    15. Transition Area Rules:
    - No riding within the transition area.
    - Racks are first come first serve.
    - No glass allowed.
    - Cyclists must rerack bike after mountain bike section before going out on final run.
    - Area must be cleared buy 12:45PM.
    - Relay Teams:
             After Run1, Runner may tag off to cyclist at any point BEFORE bike is unracked. After Bike, Cyclist may tag off to runner at any point AFTER bike is reracked.

    Important Details:

    1. Stranded bikes will have to walk out to nearest aid station for bike pickup (Monastery or Meadow Ridge - there are no on course vehicles for pickup)
    2 Entry Fee to park is $5 - carpooling HIGHLY recommended.
    3. Park opens at 7AM (for race staff as well). On Site registration starts at 745AM
    4. Anyone arriving after 825AM may have to wait to park (and start after everyone else). You will receive an accurate time but will not be eligible for awards.
    5. If we have more than 100 athletes, two start waves may be used (split by age groups)
    6. Paved sections MAY have vehicle traffic. Watch for cars.
    7. Split times will be given for Run1, Transtion1, Bike, Transition2, Run2.
    8. No Chip timing. Your number will be entered into a computer at the start, in and out of transitions and at the finish via LiveRunCast.
    6. Preliminary results will be "live" during the race as you pass through the above checkpoints and will be viewable during the race and immediately after you finish. Results will be finalized within 24-48 hours.

  • Course Info

    The OC Dirty Trail Fest course consists of mostly trail with a mixture of single track and fireroad / doubletrack trails. There is about a half mile of pavement.

    You do not need triathlon/duathlon experience to complete this course. A beginner can complete this course, though some mountain bike and trail running experience is recommended. You DO need experience if you want to complete it fast :) This is not a flat course and will have several ascents and descents on the run and bike course.

    (Click on Images for larger version)

    15K Bike Map

    (same route for solo bike & bike portion of duathlon)

    15K Run Map

    Duathlon Run Map

    Duathlon Combined Map

    (run in yellow / bike in green)

  • Aid Station Master List