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Harding Hustle

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July 22nd, 2017

Registration now open!

Congratulations 2016 Winners!

15K Winners
Josiah Price (1:08:53)
Erica Hawkes (1:29:36)
30K Winners
Travis Dean (2:07:33)*
Fernanda Maciel (2:54:14)
50K Winners
Nicholas Hilton (3:54:15)*
Nikki Olson (5:41:05)
50K First to Top
Nicholas Hilton (2:05:38)
Nikki Olson (3:15:38)
30K First to Top
Travis Dean (1:10:02)*
Fernanda Maciel (tbd)
* Course Record
Results with splits here


Harding Hustle 50k is part of the SoCal Ultra Grand Prix Series

A portion of Harding Hustle proceeds will go to: The Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Date: July TBD, 2017
Time: 6AM (50K), 730AM (30K), 9AM (15K)
(early start at 530AM available by request for 50k only - must be dropped off at starting line)

Elevation Gain 15K: Approx 2,400'
Elevation Gain 30K: Approx 4,100'
Elevation Gain 50K: Approx 7,000'

Cutoff times (50K):
11:30AM @ Santiago Peak (mile 15.5)
1:30PM @ Maple Springs 2 (mile 22)
3:00PM @ Finish (mile 31)

Sunrise: 5:58am
Average Temps: 79/65
Note: In reality, the temps have been 85-95 most years.

It will be Hot & Dry! (it hit 100+ around 1PM in 2013)
Runners MUST carry 1 water bottle

Registration rates are as follows (15K/30k/50K):
Jan 1 - Feb 14: $45/$65/$85 Early Bird
FEb 15 - Jun 24: $55/$75/$100
Jun 25 - Race Day: $65/$85/$110 Late Reg

(no online Registration after TBD, 2017)
(this race will sell out!)

2017 50k Prizes:
1st Male & Female overall: $150 cash + free race in 2018
1st Male & Female to Santiago Peak: $75 cash
1st Male & Female (20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69: Custom Mugs
Course Record Bonus: $100

2017 30k Prizes:
1st Male & Female overall: $100 cash + free race in 2018
1st Male & Female to the top of Harding: $50 cash
1st Male & Female (20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69): Custom Mugs
Course Record Bonus: $75

2017 15k Prizes:
1st Male & Female overall: $50 cash + free race in 2018
Course Record Bonus: $50

Refunds for personal reasons must be requested AT LEAST by June 15th. Refunds for personal reasons are ONLY made via PayPal minus a 10% processing fee. In the event the race is cancelled by an act of God/Nature or per the race directors discretion, the following guidelines apply depending on the date of cancellation:

Jul 5 - Race Day, 2017 = 0$ refund
Jun 1st - Jul 4th, 2017 = 50% refund
May 2nd - May 31st 2017 = 75% refund
Now - May 1st, 2017 = 100% refund

General Awards:
All entrants will receive a short sleeve tech shirt. Finishers will receive a finishers award. Prizes will be given to the top male and top female finishers in each race.

Race Rules:

1. Have fun!
2. Be Safe. There are many hazards along the course including (but not limited to), mountain lions, rough terrain, rattle snakes, sharp cliffs and drop offs, etc. It is your responsibly to run safe and stay alert.
3. Except in case of medical emergency, runners may accept no aid nor assistance in any form from anyone between aid stations.
4. Each runner must carry all of his own food, fluids, clothing, and other supplies needed for use between aid stations and must carry one water bottle.
5. Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited. Littering will result in the immediate disqualification of the runner in this year's race, and for all future races.
6. Participants must follow the marked trail at all times. Any runner departing from the official trail must return to the point of departure on foot before continuing.
7. Each runner must be checked IN at EVERY aid station. Runners not checked at each aid station may not be credited with officially finishing the Run.
8. Any entrant who is unable to finish the Race must personally inform personal at the nearest aid station of his or her decision to withdraw. You MUST turn in your race bib at this time. Runners who leave the course without turning in their bibs will be classified as "lost," and may be billed for charges incurred in any search and rescue operation.
9. Headphones are not recommended or encouraged. Use at your own risk.

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Travel Information

Friday Early Checkin & Bib Pickup: TBD

Start Location:
Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, Modjeska Canyon CA

Parking/Shuttle Location:
Definition, Foothill Ranch, CA (NO Parking in Oakley Parking Lot)

(Parking is NOT allowed at Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary. All runners & spectators must use the Shuttle Bus. Runner Dropoff IS allowed)

Shuttle Times:

445AM, 530AM, 615AM, 7AM, 745AM, 830AM
930AM, 1130PM, 1230PM, 130PM

11AM, 12PM, 1PM, 2PM, 245PM

Please be considerate with your bus times!
The 445AM and 530AM bus are for 50K runners only.
The 615AM and 700AM bus are for 30K runners only.
The 745AM and 830AM bus are for 15k runners.

Directions to Shuttle Pickup/DropOff:

From North:
I5/I405 South exit Bake, Left @ Bake Parkway, Right @ Portola Parkway, Left @ Glenn Ranch Road,
Right @ Definition.

From South:v I5/405 North exit El Toro, Right @ El Toro, Left @ Portola Parkway, Right @ Glenn Ranch Road,
Right @ Definition.

Shuttle stop is on sidewalk side of street about halfway down Definition.

Nearby Hotels

(The Courtyard & Hampton Inn are located .5 mile from the shuttle location)

Nearby Airports
Orange County


Weather in the Santa Ana Mountains most often produces hot and dry conditions in July. Average high appear to be mild at 79 degrees but in all the years of doing Harding Hustle, the temp has generally ranged in the 90-100 range by early afternoon. This race is MEANT to be a hot weather race. Please come prepared to run in the heat - especially if you are doing the 50k

Modjeska Canyon (Near Race HQ)

Santiago Peak Weather Station @ 5634′

Course Information

video from Harding Hustle runner Glenn Jones

The Harding Hustle course is on 100% trail (fireroad w/some singletrack in the 50K).

There will be one 15K Aid Station located at mile 4.5

30K Aid stations will be located at mile 4.5 & 9.3 & 14.0. All aid stations will have water & electrolytes. Mile 9.3 will also have snacks/food. Food and beverages will be provided at the finish line!

50K Aid stations will be located at mile 4.5 & 9.3 & 13.5 & 15.5 & 17.,5 & 22 & 26.5. All aid stations will have water & electrolytes. Mile 9.3, 15.5 & 22 will also have snacks/food. Food and beverages will be provided at the finish line!

(Approximately 2,400' of elevation gain & loss)

(Approximately 4,100' of elevation gain & loss)

(Approximately 7,000' of elevation gain & loss)

Aid Station Master List

50k 30k 15k Elevation Radio Aid Open Cutoff
Start 0 0 0 1400' yes Full 5:00 AM
Laurel Springs 4.5 4.5 4.5 3450' no Water 6:00 AM
Maple Springs 9.1 9.1 4500' yes Full 6:45 AM
Modjeska Base 11.7 5384' no no
Santiago 15.6 5687' yes Full 8:00 AM 11:30 AM
Modjeska Base 19.5 5384' no no
Maple Springs 22 4500' yes Full 1:30 PM
Laurel Springs 26.5 13.7 3450' no Water 2:15 PM
Finish 31 18.3 9.1 1400' yes Full 3:00 PM