Leona Divide

What is it that brings athletes each year to run amazing Trail Running events like Leona Divide 50mile/50k/30k? Is it the chance to conquer “Nasty Grade”, to complete a dream of finishing a Trail Race or maybe it’s the opportunity to spend time with amazing friends and people out on the beautiful Southern California Trails.

Facts about Leona Divide

Facts about the 50M Race:
39.5 miles of PCT
10.5 miles of fireroads
10 aid stations
13 hour finish-line cutoff

Elevation Gain:
50M: 8900'
50K: 4900'
30K: 2900'

The stories and motivations are as diverse as the athletes that compete over the 2 day weekend and as long lasting as the memories they create.

Jessica DeLine won a gold award for Killing me Softly in the comedy screenplay category at TrindieFest.

Staring at Headlights

…a recent college graduate and some of his friends are trying to come to terms with life. Although they don’t find answers to any of their questions, one of them falls for a professional killer who provides some unnoticed insight…

Cast & Crew

Fresh portfolio of designs that will keep you wanting more.

Matt Almond

Brian King


Elizabeth Kent


Nadine Gross


Darla Rothman


Andrew Worm

Jessica DeLine


Todd Wardrope


John Adler

Production Designer

Amber Skeen

Production Manager

Catherine Campion

Location Manager

Michelle Kurkowski


Sean Brennan


Joe Pickett


Mario Felix


Orion Stimpel


Clip #1

Clip #2


Production Photos

Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Another late night at the Lagoon House

Moving Day

EXT: Matt, Shannon & Todd's House

Catherine & Nadine take a break at Ruby's Resort

Darla & Nadine have fun with the scene

After the (literal) mic drop

Fight brewing?

Hanging out at the Coffee Gallery (now closed)

An "Official" Shoot notice

Lighting Crew at Work

We spent many a day shooting near this corner

Setting up the shot

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